About us

Agro Paracas was established in 1993, formed by a group of farmers from the Valleys of Pisco, Chicha and Ica, with the purpose of benefiting the producers. We are a private cooperative of farmers.

The first year exported 40,000 boxes of 5 kgs., Increasing rapidly by the investments of its shareholders, being the largest exporter in a few years (1998) and stabilizing in a volume of 1,000,000 boxes per year.

It is present during the whole year in the markets of North America, Canada, South America, Europe and Australia.

We have intervened and collaborated intensely in creating organizations for the benefit of the asparagus industry and exporter of the country: Air Frio, Peruvian Institute of Asparagus and Vegetables (IPEH), Association of Agro Exporters Guilds (AGAP), Association of Importers of Peruvian Asparagus (PAIA).

We Work With approximately 800 hectares of green asparagus and have a packing house with a capacity of production of 60 tn per day. Since the last 3 to 4 years we come introducing the granada and datiles in our operation.

our commitment is with our clients, our workers, the society and the planet.



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Tons per day

Environment sustainability

In Agroparacas S.A we are aware of the care of the environment, both in Packing House  and in the fields.

We have sustainability policies such as Water and Energy  Management,  Toxic Waste Disposal Management , Integrated Pest Management, Biological Control ,   among many others.

Social responsibility

Our social responsibility policy is comprehensive and covers the fields, the Packaging and the inhabitants of the circle of influence of each geographical area.

  • Cancer screening in 100% of our workers
  • Improvement of infrastructure of the schools in the area
  • Training program for teachers of schools in the area